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  • A Place to Explore

What is the Circle of Sciences (COS Shoppe)? The re-imagined COS is now the COS Shoppe. Home to a Book Store, Antique Shop, Art House, Market Place, Event Space and A Place to Explore.


The Bookstore sells softly used and gently priced books, educational materials, magazines, music, movies, plus vintage games and toys for everyone! 


The Antique Shop offers one of a kind items that remind us of the past, yet fit perfectly now and in the future.


The Art House has great art books and paintings, as well as crafted items and resell supplies so you can do your own thing.


The Market Place sells organic and naturally grown produce plus homesteading supplies.


Have you heard of NPR's tiny desk? We have our own Nano Nook Event Space, just big enough for the solo musical artist, poetry reading or stand up comic (clean of course). Book a time for your event now!


Finally, you don't have to spend a dime. Just come visit and browse around as you explore, examine and let the Shoppe entertain you (the people are pretty nice too). Remember the Shoppe is a place to explore, but don't forget to take something home with you!


Come join us for a unique experience.  See you soon!

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